Buildingsite Tents

Snow-lifting tarp

Newly developed snow-lifting tarp from Hallgruppen in PP-fabric! Snow-tarps are often used to protect construction sites from snowfall or to lift objects for example insulation materials or ballast. With its sown-in and reinforced lifting points in every corner the snow on the tarp can easily be lifted and maneuvered by crane – an important piece of gear at every winter site.

  • Sensible pricing
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Safe – PP-tarp provides high friction against snow
  • Light weight – can be easily handled by one person
  • Robust – certified lift capacity of 2500kg
  • Low pack-volume

Hallgruppens lifting tarp has a gross load of 17800kg which provides a certified lift capacity of 2500kg with a safety margin of 7:1. 

Polypropylene (PP) is a synthetic fiber and a sustainable alternative to PVC. The PP-tarp does not absorb liquids and is a light-weight material. 

Weight: 9.0 kg

Certified lift capacity: 2500 kg 

Breaking load: 17800kg 

Size: 6.0x4.2 m

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