Flex buildings often incorporate different areas or spaces in a design, optimised for different purposes and needs. This can be either an uninsulated or insulated warehouse, workshop, garage or even a showroom, often in combination with one or more offices. The buildings often have to balance complex solutions for production, cold storage and heating.

We aim to tailor your building with flexible spaces and functions that grow and change as your business develops. Based on the size and demands for installed machines and equipment, we can design the building with the required ceiling height, interior walls, gates, doors and windows. Our office premises provide a relaxed and healthy working environment with a bright, airy and spacious interior. The office space is designed according to your needs with a wide variety of rooms such as kitchens, conference rooms and toilets.

Hallgruppen builds everything from large and complex buildings to smaller scale projects and offers a wide range of services such as new construction, renovation, design and help with building permit applications. We can tailor the façade of the flex building in any colour, combined with your choice of detailing such as sandwich panels, maintenance-free windows, doors, gates and furnishings as required.

All our buildings have a long service life, low maintenance costs and excellent economy. We have our own engineering department and civil architect, and offer turnkey contracts where we are responsible for the entire project and delivery, ensuring that your new office building meets all regulations and building standards.

Contact us and we will work together to deliver your construction project!