Are you in need of a new production hall or more storage space?
Hallgruppens halls can be used for multiple purposes. We supply Bulk halls, Sports halls, Storage halls, PVC halls, Insulated halls, Multi halls, Harbour/Offshore halls and more.
Hallgruppen offer rental and sales of all types of halls and storage solutions specially designed to withstand challenging weather conditions such as snow zones, wind loads and terrain classes. The halls can be tailored-made to your special needs in terms of length, width, height and materials. Our skilled engineers, architects and consultants assist you through the project from initial design and planning to the construction and execution of the hall. Hallgruppens halls comes as a hot dip galvanized lattice structure resistant to weathering. A Hallgruppen hall is designed according to the current euro codes and anchored either with ground spikes, anchor bolts, weights or a combination of these. Hallgruppen puts pride into giving our customer the best and most cost-effective solution and our flexible organization and vast network enable us to supply high quality products with short lead times. We understand that all businesses in growth have unique needs, so we have provided good financing agreements with custom solutions for permanent and temporary halls. Our consultants help you to find a solution that suits both your needs and budget.