NATO’s tent camp, built by Hallgruppen

On an assignment for Forsvarsbygg, Hallgruppen established a 30,000 square meter tent camp for the NATO exercise in Inner Troms. The tent camp provides an enhanced level of comfort and functionality for 4,000 allies in connection with Nordic Response. This exercise trains for cold weather operations, from January through March/April.

30,000 square meters tents adapted to the Nordic climate

The temporary structures are covered with three layers of fabric covers. The outer layer is a single fabric coated cover and works as an air barrier and protects against the biting cold. The middle layer is an insulated fabric cover and retains heat inside the tent. The inner layer with single cover also acts as an air barrier that insulates and reduces noise. The tents are also well insulated, ventilated, and soundproofed, providing an ideal indoor environment. Another practical result of this construction is that snow does not accumulate on the tents, which in turn reduces the need for maintenance and resource consumption.

The camp was constructed based on previous experience. It has been carefully adapted to meet specific needs, including accommodation, catering, hygiene, training and more. Over 4,000 beds and other necessary facilities have been built at Setermoen, Bardufoss, Elvegårdsmoen and Akkasæter in Blåtind firing range in less than six months.

The establishment of the tent camp is the result of efficient cooperation between Forsvarsbygg Region North, local-regional authorities and POU (Project and Development in Forsvarsbygg). This collaboration made it possible for Hallgruppen to build a tent camp in less than six months.

Photo on top of a temporary building from a previous project.


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