Snow lifting tarps are used in construction to cover areas in the event of snowfall, rain and cold, in order to preserve the area as well as possible when no work is being carried out there. By covering the ground with Hallgruppen’s snow lifting tarps, the snow can easily be lifted away with a construction crane.

New snow lifting tarps make work possible

The old snow lifting tarps were heavy, difficult to handle and took up a lot of space. Those are problems of the past with a newly developed snow lifting tarp.

Our new snow liftins tarps are 6.0 x 4.2 metres and weigh approx. 9 kg, which is less than half the weight of the old type. This means that they are easily handled by one person, and can be thrown in the back of the car without occupying the entire load compartment.

They have a higher lifting capacity than before, as they are certified for 2500 kg based on a breaking load of 17800 kg.

The surface of Hallgruppen’s lifting tarp has high friction on snow, which will lead to a safer construction site with a reduced risk of fall injuries.

  • Affordable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe – the PP cloth has high friction on snow
  • Light – easily handled by one person
  • Strong – 2500 kg lift capacity
  • Small pack volume

Polypropylene, PP is a synthetic fibre that is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. The PP fabric does not absorb liquid and has a low weight of its own. The tarp has sewn-in and reinforced lifting points in each corner. The snow lifting tarp has a breaking load of 17800 kg, which gives a certified lifting capacity of as much as 2500 kg, with a safety margin of 7:1.

Net weight: 9 kg Certified lifting capacity: 2500 kg Breaking load: 17800 kg Size: 6.0×4.2 m


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