Hallgruppen’s weather shelter storage with a heavy load profile is available in stock with fast delivery, and combines rapid construction with easy repositioning. They can also be rented, which makes them ideal for shorter construction projects.

Naturally, we design your weather storage shelter with a versatile range of wall coverings such as uninsulated, insulated, inflated canvases, hard sheet metal walls or sandwich panels. We stock walls with varying heights and also deliver accessories such as heating, lighting, different types of gates, maintenance-free windows, doors and furnishings as required.

All our weather storage shelters with a Heavy Load profile can be easily adapted to fit active construction sites using a variety of anchoring solutions. We understand your particular industry’s needs regarding employee safety, materials and construction.

Through Hallgruppen, you can purchase or rent our Heavy Load shelter in both standard or tailored designs.


Width Height Length Size Liftable Removable Colour Insulated Fabric Sheet steel Sandwich panels


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