Hallgruppen supplies everything from malls to office buildings where focus lies in resource and energy efficient utilization of materials and construction.

Hallgruppen assist your company with new buildings, rehabilitation of old buildings and planning for setting up new projects. Some of the constructions we can build are i.e. steel buildings, concrete buildings, warehouses, sport halls, cultural buildings and other special buildings. Our customers are in the private, public and state sectors.

Hallgruppen assist from the planning phase of the construction project so that our customers do not have to deal with many suppliers. We undertake both large and small projects and we have experience from very large and complex buildings. We regularly visit our manufacturing factories, not only to ensure quality but also to ensure that our delivery times are as short as possible. This makes our buildings sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Hallgruppen offers both temporary and permanent buildings and comply with the provisions of the NS system to ensure the safety of our workers and for those who use the building after it has been completed.

When having Hallgruppen as your total contractor you gain access to our vast network of architects and engineers with a good knowledge of all the laws and requirements for complex building projects. 

Contact us and we will review your building needs.