Our event tents are built with a robust, PVC-covered, aluminium frame. The versatile tents are available in a variety of widths and can be extended with modules for a custom design. We also supply accessories such as PopUp tents and Top tents, furniture and furnishings such as folding tables and chairs, banquet chairs and tables, bars and stages as well as accessories such as plastic floors, tablecloths, upholstery, and so on.

The event tents come with a generous ceiling height and spacious interior without the need for internal pillars or supports. This type of tent is often used for larger events such as concerts where our PopUp tents or top tents are a little too small. The colour of the tents is often white, but other colours can be delivered to order.

Technical info:

The event tents can be extended length or width wise with 3 or 5 metre modules Examples of tent widths can be 6, 9 and 12m using 3m extension modules. Tents with widths of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 m or more can be extended length wise with 5m modules. Wall height of the tent can be 2.30m, 3m or 4m.

What size of tent do I need?

A rule of thumb is to assume that approx. 1m2 tent per person is needed. If there is also a need for a stage, bar, wardrobe or more room for mingling, the tent needs to be customised further to provide this space.


Transparent canvas Width Length Roof shape Colour


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