Fabric buildings for different types of projects

With Hallgruppen, you can buy or rent a fabric building at an affordable price for added flexibility. You can also choose an insulated or uninsulated model – designed for demanding climates and environments that are adapted to the requirements of each delivery, such as extreme heat, cold, snowfall or wind.

Fabric structures provide robust and effective weather protection

A fabric building provides quick and effective protection against inclement weather – no matter the wind, snow and rain. If you also choose an insulated fabric building, the temperature inside the structure stays comfortable all year round and you can regulate the temperature as desired. Another advantage of fabric buildings is that they can be quickly assembled and dismantled.

Buy or rent an insulated fabric building at a great price

A versatile fabric building from Hallgruppen can be delivered in both standard and adapted sizes. We make sure that you receive a spacious and practical fabric building that meets your needs. All our designs offer a spacious ceiling height, which provides an airy, efficient and healthy environment to work in.

You can choose if you would like an insulated fabric building, whether it should be temporary or permanent, and if you want to rent or buy the structure – all at a good price.

We have skilled engineers, architects and consultants who will assist you throughout the project. Contact us by phone or request a quote and we’ll help you further!


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