All our tents can be delivered in a range of standard colours and can also be embossed with the desired logo. We design the tent according to your wishes. The quality of everything from frames to printing keeps us at the forefront of the market’s latest development and technology. Contact us today and we will agree on a layout that suits you perfectly!

Possible areas of use:

  • Screening and concealed working space
  • Securing technical tracks
  • Rapid establishment of a temporary “command center”
  • Fairs or lectures
  • Drills or training

Stocked sizes:

2×2 m, 3×3 m, 3×6 m, 4×4 m, 4×8 m in the standard colours: white, grey, sand, blue and black. Special colours and sizes can be supplied on request. Standard colours are normally delivered within 2-3 days – they can either be picked up at our warehouse, or we can arrange shipping.


Ceilings and walls are made of a fire-retardant strong polyester fabric/cloth that is very resistant to UV rays (600D UV). The seams are taped on the inside to make the tent 100% waterproof. On request, ceilings and walls can be delivered in special colours and in EXTREME quality: PVC fabric. The walls are mounted with velcro to the roof edges and have a separate reinforced velcro for attachment to tent legs. The walls are fastened together with a lengthways zip. The Pop up tents can be used for all seasons, but please note that they are not designed to bear the load from snow on the roof.


Size Colour Pro Extreme


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