Construction shelter from Hallgruppen as weather protection and storage tent

Hallgruppen’s versatile construction shelters are specially designed for quick and safe installation on active building sites. We offer a wide range of construction shelter sizes, for rent or purchase, ideal for meeting your specific needs no matter the project or work site. We offer everything from standard to tailor-made shelter solutions. Through Hallgruppen, you can buy or rent construction shelters, as required.

The tents have strong aluminium profiles covered with a flame-retardant PVC fabric that is available in a wide range of different colours in addition to the stocked versions. In addition, the construction shelters are easy to transport and assemble. They are liftable and openable, can be built on a platform and moved by crane. This makes them very easy to place, even in tricky or difficult to access locations.

Rent or buy a construction shelter from Hallgruppen

Our construction shelters are perfect for shorter rentals and come with a fast delivery. We also offer financing solutions that make it possible to rent a shelter for a shorter or longer period as required.

Construction shelter for an efficient workplace

The primary role of the construction shelter is to protect against the elements. When the rain falls or the winds pick up, you will be glad you can continue to work unhindered and in comfort under one of our shelters! Our shelter will shield moisture-sensitive locations, equipment or materials, allowing your project to continue without delay.

Do not hesitate to contact us via phone or the website to find out more about our shelters!


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