New Bilco building built at record pace

Two years after Bråtens Bilco in Hokksund burned down, Hallgruppen spent four months building a new two-storey building on the site.

It took over two years from Bråtens Bilco in Hokksund burning to the ground, to the company being able to start work on reconstruction. Hallgruppen is now spending four months building a two-storey building of around 300 square metres.

“The planning process has taken time, because we used the opportunity to expand with a laundry room and petrol station. But Hallgruppen has assisted us along the way with good advice, input and guidance, which has really made the job easy for us! Now that construction is underway, progress is on track, and we’re looking forward to new premises being ready for use in September”, says general manager Bjørn Bråten at Bråten’s Bilco.

Effective building process

The new steel building is being built next to an existing workshop, and will accommodate offices and a new customer reception for the workshop. The facade of the workshop is being replaced, so that there’s continuity between the existing building and the new building, and a new door is being opened up between the two buildings.

“We are happy to assist Bråtens Bilco with advice along the way, and to quickly deliver a cost-saving and efficient building. We started the work in June, and within two days the walls were up and built. Now there is only a little over a month left until everything is ready for moving in”, says project manager Anders Karlstad at Hallgruppen.