Hallgruppen is investing in Germany

Following record sales in 2020, Hallgruppen is investing aggressively in several new markets. The company is now establishing itself with its own office in Germany, with a goal of a turnover of 10 million euros within a few years.

Hallgruppen has grown strongly year by year since its establishment in 2016. Last year, the company, which among other things sells fabric buildings, warehouse and logistics buildings in both aluminium and steel construction, in addition to work tents, event tents and products, recorded a record turnover of more than 50 million euros. Now the growth in new markets is continuing.

“Hallgruppen aims to become a worldwide supplier and a significant international player. Our ambition is to exceed 100 million euros in turnover during 2022. The establishment of our own company in Germany is one of several important steps we are taking to achieve the growth target”, says CEO Lars Dalgaard in Hallgruppen.

Not an unknown market

Hallgruppen already has 14 branches in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics, and has exported to over 40 countries, such as Brazil, China, India, the USA, Belgium and various countries in Africa.
“We have already delivered a range of tents, structures and sandwich cladded structures to customers in Germany, Belgium and France, so these are well-known markets for us. In addition to Germany, the new company with an office near Frankfurt will also handle exports to nearby markets such as Switzerland and Austria”, says Dalgaard.

Dalgaard also sees that the timing is good for targeting the German market, as many suppliers there have delivery problems because they do not have access to raw materials.
“It’s a good time to enter the market and help builders in the German market who need deliveries at competitive prices. With our temporary and permanent fabric structures, we are one of Europe’s largest companies in the industry, and experts in solutions for warehouses, work tents and event facilities”, says Dalgaard.

We need to hire more employees in Germany

As CEO of the company, he’s found and hired responsible, local staff to handle daily operations.
– Gerhard Klotz becomes Sales manager in Tyskland. He has over 25 years of industry experience and a huge network, so this will be a success! “We aim to turn over 10 million in a few years”, says Dalgaard.

In addition, Dalgaard says that Hallgruppen is looking for more sales people and operating personnel for its office in Germany who can help build up this market from the start.

Competitive – in all kinds of weather

Dalgaard believes that Hallgruppen, as a Norwegian company, has several competitive advantages when conquering the new market.

“Norwegians have always had to deal with all kinds of weather and forces of nature, which new parts of the world are now experiencing. Hallgruppen already delivers products that are adapted to withstand the world’s new climate with increasingly extreme weather, and we have employees with a lot of experience in engineering who take this into account. It makes us extremely competitive”, Dalgaard points out.