Hallgruppen constructed two massive warehouses in just weeks

Since the start of the pandemic, Danish Harald Nyborg A/S, which operates retail stores and webshops in the Danish and Swedish markets, has experienced explosive growth. Such was the demand, that they are expanding their storage in Odense by 4,000 square metres, split between two warehouses. Hallgruppen was at the forefront of this large construction project.

Harald Nyborg is a busy shop. The volume of work required that the company expand their storage in Odense with two additional warehouses covering 40x50x9 metres. A total of 4000 m2. They adopted a new approach to solve their problem. The department store chain chose Hallgruppen to spearhead the construction of the new fabric warehouses. These structures are built quickly and efficiently with a fabric and steel frame, rather than bricks and mortar.

Harald Nyborg is highly enthusiastic about this approach.

“We are incredibly happy that in such a short time we have two totally new warehouses ready for use. It is essential to our business that we do not have to spend several years expanding our store. This means we can prioritise our customers and meet their needs as quickly as possible,” says Kurt Øbro, head of development at Harald Nyborg.

The project was started in May, and the new fabric warehouses need to be completed quickly to handle the growth in demand from construction in Denmark.

A fast and efficient solution

In recent years, Hallgruppen has grown from strength to strength internationally, with a turnover of more than DKK 568 million. Back in 2021, they won the “quick warehouse” tender from Harald Nyborg. This is a clear indication that fabric structures have a bright future in Denmark.

“We are experiencing an increasing demand for everything from work shelters and warehouses, such as the ones we have built for Harald Nyborg. This indicates that the Danish market is really starting to understand what tent constructions can offer,” says Kim Jansdorf, director of Hallgruppen in Denmark, adding:

“Although it is an unconventional way of doing things, fabric structures are a quick solution that never compromises on quality. The fabric warehouses in Odense will function permanently – just as if they were built from concrete and bricks.”